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  1. Free Download in 320 kbps MP3 format of standard edition releases.
  2. Additional bonus tracks, artwork and .WAVs for Patreon Supporters.
  3. Valid for all official HF5, New Oblivion and Non Semper releases.

New Oblivion - An Unexpected

Artist: New Oblivion
Title: An Unexpected
Released: 05.04.2019

HF5 - Whisper < Scream

Artist: HF5
Title: Whisper < Scream
Released: 02.22.2019

HF5 - Human

Artist: HF5
Title: Human
Released: 01.09.2019

HF5 - The Inevitable Self-REMIX _ Vol.1

Artist: HF5
Title: The Inevitable Self-REMIX _ Vol.1
Released: 08.07.2018

HF5 - Unbelievable Magical Spectacle

Artist: HF5
Title: Unbelievable Magical Spectacle
Released: 07.20.2018

HF5 - Much Love, More Loss

Artist: HF5
Title: Much Love, More Loss
Released: 01.10.2018

HF5 - The Inevitable Self-admission

Artist: HF5
Title: The Inevitable Self-admission
Released: 11.7.2017